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Damned mob of scribbling women

I bought a book of stamps today, after a long while, and now I'm itching to write letters/postcards etc again. I love writing by hand; emails are fun to play with, but there's something wonderful about the ink flowing from the pen and the telltale compression of the space left on the paper. I love being able to change my writing: sprawling and lazy in one letter, cramped and excited and eager to get everything in, in another. I love the unintended flourishes and blots of the ink (I can't write decently with a ball-point pen); the way words trail off in the tails of the "g"s or stop short, sharp and emphatic, with the dash across the t. And probably not surprisingly, I love wiggling my way through s, and m and w and z, the pen corkscrewing and curling madly. I actually miss writing exams by hand, now that everything I write is a twenty page paper, Times New Roman font, sized at 12 pt, with one inch margins all around. Three hour sessions of boring discomfort during the A-Levels and GCSEs were at least made bearable by the fact that I'd covered page upon page with my writing, which is not neat, or pretty, or even particularly individual, but still is clearly a part of me, and anyone reading it can see where I was excited about the question, and where it didn't matter, and which questions I skipped over and came back to, cramming in the answers hurriedly, with one eye on the clock, and which ones I painstakingly mapped out, and where the answer is a single contemptuous word, and where I hesitated and crossed out things and wrote them back in. I don't think anybody would care enough to analyse an exam paper like that, but I like the process of writing; watching my thoughts come out of my hands before I'm quite aware they're in my mind, and then watching them set on the page, firming, like jelly.
So, here's the deal: you send me your address at, and I'll write you a postcard in the next week or so. (This applies to people outside the US too!) You don't have to do anything in return, though if you decide to write to someone else, I'm sure they'll be pleased. And you do have to put up with my vile handwriting.

Um, I don't expect this to happen, but if I do get deluged by thousands of eager postcard gatherers, I'll write to the first ten people who email me.
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