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Post-Papaya Ponderings

 So, inspired by Rachana, I've been thinking about food and meals and particularly, breakfast. I don't eat breakfast regularly, but oddly enough, it's one of my favourite meals. The thing is, my Platonic Ideal of breakfast involves a ripe papaya, a fork and a good book. The last two years or so in Delhi, I would have chopped up papaya cubes for breakfast every day and then go to school, and I still think it's an elegant breakfast, the way maths formulae are elegant: quick to prepare and eat, tasty, not messy, sweet without being overwhelming, and just enough food to last till elevenses. 

 This is the problem: neither American breakfast food, nor American schedules allow me the luxury of elevenses, or any other non-official meals. In India, there were a variety of tiny meals: Fruit/toast at about 7:30 am, a biscuit or more fruit at 10:30, tiffin (a small sandwich or a samosa) at 12:30, home for a proper lunch (rice and daal or pulao followed by fruit) by 3,  another handful of nuts of biscuits at 6, a large lingering dinner (chappatis, daal, two vegetables, yoghurt, fruit) at 9, and so to bed. Since I've been here breakfast is most often nothing, given that my options at Knox were 1) something very sweet and rich, like pancakes/ice cream/cereal/hashbrowns  or 2) bad cardboarish fruit. In Chicago, there are days when a bowl of oatmeal and dry fruit and honey is absolutely necessary for warmth in cold winter mornings, but it's still a pain in the neck to make and eat, and never quite fills me up in the right way.

 Yes, I know. There is nothing whatsoever in the world that prevents me from eating a variety of other good, tasty, filling, quick things for breakfast. Toast and honey. Granola/cereal. Fruit and yoghurt parfaits. Milkshakes. Uttapam. Grits. Pita and hummus. Pancakes. Freshly baked bread. Apple slices wrapped in cheddar cheese. Eggs, in a multitude of sinful ways. The list goes on. I like all those things, and will happily cook them or buy them and eat them, sometimes even for breakfast, but I still can't make them into my breakfast of choice. None of them work exactly properly for me. I'm picky, and papayas apparently took over my soul during my formative years. 
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